The Revolutionary AutoBend 3D

The AutoBend 3D is Greenlee’s newest prefabrication solution. This smart bender will take your prefabrication capabilities to the next level. The AutoBend 3D is the most accurate and advanced automated fabrication bender in the market today, resulting in less scrap and increased productivity. The bender is compatible with Autodesk® Revit® and Greenlee BendWorks software, making your bends as accurate as possible.

Introducing BENDWORKS

What is BendWorks?

BendWorks is an Autodesk® Revit® and Revit® MEP add-in to facilitate design, split optimization, and fabrication of electrical conduit runs. It automates conduit run segmentation into fabrication-ready components, outputting files to enable accurate conduit bending with Greenlee benders.

What is the main use for BendWorks?

BendWorks is used by electrical designers to accurately and efficiently detail conduit runs for fabrication. The software optimizes runs to segment them into the minimum number of pieces, saving cost on couplings and providing precise data for scheduling and transparency in material ordering.

Why should I download BendWorks?

Users should download BendWorks to try for 30 days and see how the automation improves design detail and efficiency, as well as how the output improves fabrication accuracy for streamlining the design-to-build process.



Software add-in for Autodesk® Revit® and Revit® MEP is designed to automatically fit Greenlee® conduit bending parameters


Splits conduit runs into fewest cuts and segments, adds couplings, and labels segments into traceable and bend-ready components


Error checks against conduit bending rules and Greenlee® bender-specific parameters to generate bend-ready data


Transfer bend-ready data to programmable Greenlee® benders or print step-by-step instruction files for operators of most Greenlee® benders

BendWorks™ App Icon


Download your BendWorks free trial at Autodesk® Exchange Apps:

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