The three
stages of BIM.

Think about BIM (and Greenlee’s BendWorks™ software) as the culmination of three core stages—Design. Construct. Operate. Professionals that incorporate BIM into their work culture experience instant improvements at every step of the job’s progression—not to mention the ripple effects of BIM’s benefits later on.



This stage of the BIM process covers all fabrication, construction logistics, and construction. In this stage, BIM technology enables prefabrication—simultaneously improving project scheduling and just-in-time delivery, and cutting costs. Beyond minimizing expensive rework, this stage helps to prevent jobsite hazards with improved planning.



The BIM process begins with conceptual design, detailed design, analysis, and documentation. Using BIM, professionals can easily create accurate and flexible cost estimations and establish phase planning. In the design stage, BIM also enables collaboration between the building owners, contractors, architects, builders, and contractors. BendWorks™ by Greenlee is BIM technology tailored for electrical contractors’ needs.



The third stage of BIM includes operation, maintenance, and renovation or demolition. BIM helps professionals record more thorough documentation—details that can be utilized in the future for renovation, equipment replacement, and demolition.


BIM makes prefabrication possible

If you’re ready to be more competitive and reduce your wasted material, making prefabrication a regular part of your workflow is a must. Fortunately, Greenlee benders and BendWorks™ make prefabrication a seamless process. Prefabrication improves work in four core areas.


Every hour invested in prefabrication cuts two and a half on-site man-hours.


Prefabrication happens off-site, where there’s no dangerous operating equipment or hazardous conditions to work around.


Improved team communication leads to real results—89 percent of professionals report reduced rework when using BIM technology.


When prefabrication is shifted off-site, on-site labor is maximized.

Greenlee BendWorks™

Created to serve the unique needs of electrical contractors in the field.

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